Saturday, December 6, 2008

Personal menu is awesome

I edited my person menu soo its just pentesting apps and as long as you type in the launch commands right every thing will work properly

heres a screen shoot of mine

From Bl1ackdeath

Auto Scan Works on the N810

It it works fine from what i have tested

heres the site link just click the n810 version download
auto scan

Sunday, November 23, 2008

Other good pentesting apps that work

Heres a list of other apps that work on the n810 and 800
not necessarily need for pentesting but are use full

nc -nnv ip port
- to see whats is running on a certain port


telnet ip port
-- to get html banners



Wednesday, November 19, 2008

btscanner on Debian Turbo-Charged Edition!

by adding this line to your /etc/apt/sources.list you will be able to install btscanner
but after you add that line you will have to run apt-get update

deb sid main

Saturday, November 1, 2008

John the Ripper

i was messing around with some programs and installing
a ton of junk on my n810 like g++ binutils and more
and was compiling various programs and was surprised that i was
able to fully compile John so here it is =p

heres my compiled verision john

just untar it and run it from the /john/run folder
but dont for get to chmod it

you can download the original source code from here and compile it your self if you want JOHN

Sunday, September 21, 2008

sudo gainroot

i cam across this problem when i was trying to ad directory's to my path, since im using the gainroot method just editing the .profile is not going to work since gainroot has its own path.
to fix this just edit

and add your custom path

Sunday, September 14, 2008

osso_xterm shortcuts

some simple but use full shortcuts to add to your shortcut bar

sudo gainroot
"s . u . d . o . KP_Space . g . a . i . n . r . o . o . t . KP_Enter"

"k . i . s . m . e . t . KP_Enter"

beware of the spaces they are import =p

and for a script execution "./"

"period . slash . t . e . s . t . period . s . h . KP_Enter"

Thursday, September 11, 2008

custom boot menu

(really bad pic, when i fix my camera i will put up a new one"

all you have to do is down load initfs
and then extract it to your root directory,
run initfs_flasher
reboot and your done =p

Sunday, August 17, 2008

xterm trick

How can I tell which xterm window is which ? If you create multiple xterms (by tapping "New Window"), they are all called "osso_xterm", making it hard to switch back and forth. Fortunately, osso_xterm understands the standard xterm escape sequences for renaming the window. This script lets you change the window name from the command line:

echo -ne "\033]0;$*\007"
call it "icon", or somthing
so I can type "icon root", "icon xterm two" etc.

credit to

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Metasploit on nokia


get tarbal

tar -xvzf it

download debs

download gem's

install ruby_1.8.5-p3_armel.deb + rubygems_0.9.2_armel.deb

gem update --system

gem install activesupport-1.4.1.gem --no-rdoc --no-ri && gem install activerecord-1.15.2.gem --no-rdoc --no-ri && gem install actionpack-1.13.2.gem --no-rdoc --no-ri && gem install actionmailer-1.3.2.gem --no-rdoc --no-ri && gem install actionwebservice-1.2.2.gem --no-rdoc --no-ri && gem install rake-0.7.1.gem --no-rdoc --no-ri && gem install rails-1.2.2.gem --no-rdoc --no-ri

now install sqlite3-ruby_1.2.1_armel.deb + nmap_4.20_armel.deb


>load db_sqlite3
>db_create pentest
>db_nmap 192.168.0.*

>db_autopwn -t( or -e for exploits)

all credit for this post goes to

Sunday, June 1, 2008

tools for pentest

Kismet -- great wireless information gatherer

Nmap -- Amazing scanner

<span class=

Ettercap-ng --sniffer/interceptor/logger

<span class=

hydra -- brute force password cracker

Metasploit -- exploit tool from the gods

<span class=

Aircrack-ng with airmon-ng

<span class=

- active/passive address reconnaissance too

Sunday, May 25, 2008

home web page

go to
and create a kool looking clock and then copy the java script
to your home page

the location is
usr/share/browser/home_page # nano index.html

edit it with nano or what ever your txt editor is
i like nano

so now when i go to my home page i get a clock that looks nice

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Matchbox tweeks -- from itt

all credit goes to qwerty12 from internet tablet talk

As root run:vi /etc/osso-af-init/matchbox.defs.You will be presented with (this is also the default if you mess up):

# matchbox.defs - Matchbox defines
if [ -f $HOME/.osso/mbtheme ]; then
MBTHEME=`cat $HOME/.osso/mbtheme`

What do these options do?I will only go through the options that worked and the ones I have
Default is yes
Controls the bit with the title at the top
Default is static
Controls the movement of dialog boxes
Accepted options are: free static const-horiz This mod lets you move around the dialog boxes! You see when you press on a window bar, it goes transparent? Now you can drag them. This can be fun for rotation

Constant/Consistent Horizontal:
Change DIALOGMODE=static to DIALOGMODE=free or DIALOGMODE=const-horiz.

Default is yes
Controls whether supermodal dialog boxes (ones that make you give an answer to them before letting you do anything else) can take priority.
Accepted options are: yes no
Change SUPERMODAL=yes to SUPERMODAL=noI also have a thread on changing your device name too.Some notes:Changing DESKTOPMODE=plain to decorated is pointless but does something.Changing LOWLIGHT=no to yes makes dialog boxes have a black 3d square thing. Not as cool as it sounds.No idea about this one SHOWCURSOR=yes. (Yabbas says it may be for blinking text cursor.He was right about supermodal)Leave MBTHEME=$DEFAULTMBTHEME as is. $DEFAULTMBTHEME is a variable pointing to your current theme set.

n810 stuff

Adding Pipe and Tab to the N810 Keyboard

to test

xmodmap -e ‘keysym m = m M bar bar bar’

the config file /home/user/.xmodmap file:
keysym m = m M bar bar bar

keysym semicolon = semicolon colon Tab Tab Tab

speed tweek kill metalayer

/ect/rc2.d/S99metalayer0 stop

rm /ect/rc2.d/S99metalayer0