Saturday, October 26, 2013

HP 10.10 DVD Network boot

Here is my entry for my pxe menu

MENU LABEL 6)  Automatic Firmware Update Version 10.10
KERNEL /hpcd/10v/vmlinuz
APPEND initrd=/hpcd/10v/hpfw-1010-initrd.img media=net rw root=/dev/ram0 d3bug ramdisk_size=782392 init=/bin/init loglevel=3 ide=nodma ide=noraid nopat pnpbios=off vga=791 splash=silent hp_fibre showopts noexec32=off numa=off nox2apic TYPE=AUTOMATIC iso1=nfs://IP/exports/hp/FW1010.iso iso1mnt=/mnt/bootdevice pci=bfsort

To fix the initrd

mkdir /tmp/initrd.fix
cd /tmp/initrd.fix
gunzip -c /data/kickstart/images/hpfw-1010/system/initrd.img | cpio -i
sed -i 's/NET_MODULES=.*$/NET_MODULES="e100 e1000 igb qlcnic tg3 bnx2 bnx2x"/' etc/initrd.functions
sed -i 's/dhcpcd -t 45/dhcpcd -L -t 30/' sbin/
find . | cpio  --create --'format=newc'  | gzip > /data/kickstart/tftpboot/hpfw-1010-initrd.img

info from here

Here is a copy of the hpfw-1010-initrd.img patched

Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Random single user mode stuff

How to boot s390x in single user mode

Connected to server x.x.x.x

** Error connecting to server: no profiles found **
1. Exit to CMS shell [IPL CMS]

Enter Choice -->
or press to boot from disk [DASD 2xxx]

Booting from DASD 2xxx...
00: zIPL v1.8.2-36.el6 interactive boot menu
00:  0. default (2.6.32-131.39.1.el6.s390x)
00:  1. 2.6.32-131.39.1.el6.s390x.debug
00:  2. 2.6.32-131.39.1.el6.s390x
00:  3. 2.6.32-131.0.15.el6.s390x.debug
00:  4. linux-2.6.32-131.0.15.el6.s390x
00: Note: VM users please use '#cp vi vmsg '

#cp vi vmsg  1 single       // should do the trick

How to boot ppc64 in single user mode

When grub is used this part is pretty simple.
But when yaboot is used its a little different

Config file read, 1024 bytes

Welcome to yaboot version 1.3.13 (Red Hat 1.3.13-14.el5)
Enter "help" to get some basic usage information

linux single  // should do the trick
                     // came across another time where selinux blew up . used enforcing=0

How to boot arm in single user mode

coming soon