Tuesday, June 16, 2009

WIFI ZOO for nokia internet tablet

programs needed installed to run wifizoo
kismet so you can do channel hopping(if you know another way that's fine)
aircrack-ng ( to put the wireless card in to monitor mode,again if you know another way thats fine)
graphviz for the images http://darethehair.googlepages.com/graphviz-2.20.3-1_all.deb

download wifizoo1.3
untar it and edit the following files
or if u dont want to edit them you can use mine
line 5:
- import curses.ascii
+ #import curses.ascii
line 3:
- import curses.ascii
+ #import curses.ascii
line 232:
- if curses.ascii.isctrl(c):
+ #if curses.ascii.isctrl(c):
line 233:
+ if ord(c) >= 0 and ord(c) <=31: wifizoo.py line 4: - import curses.ascii + #import curses.ascii -conf.iface = 'rausb0' +conf.iface = 'wlan0' Credit goes to http://www.freedomcoder.com.ar link2
Maemo.org post for pentesting apps

some screenshots

wifizoo start

wifizoo dash




Thursday, April 30, 2009

MER maemo reconstructed

"Mer is an outgrowth of Nokia's Maemo environment, designed to flesh out the tablet-centric operating system into a full-fledged Linux distribution suitable for embedded and desktop systems of all description. The project's genesis was an effort to back port the upcoming Maemo 5.0 release to no-longer-supported Nokia N800 and N810 tablets, but it has subsequently evolved to run on BeagleBoards, embedded navigation devices like the Pocket LOOX, and standard x86 hardware."

quote from http://lwn.net/Articles/322044/

alot of good programs work well with mer since ubuntu packages now work on the n810 like wireshark and many more but there still is no battery monitor :(

oh well well i'll be waiting for that key component

my next project for my n810 will be to load gentoo on to the n810 which will be a fun task.

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

pma 400

Archos came out with this device in 2000, I had been mainly useing it as my mp3/video player and to play a bunch of games.

but just recently i found a package which caught my intrestet

since the pma 400 is a personal media assistant witch Based on the Linux Qtopia Embedded operating system

the contectivy for this device is
USB 2.0, 802.11b Wi-Fi, USB Host, IrDA

I updated mine with OpenPMA

so I now have this new functions

--Audio support from openPMA: Ogg vorbis, Musepack
--Many Zaurus packages are compatible or have been adapted
--Access SMB/CIFS network shares using Samba (software) and a GUI frontend
Act as a SMB/CIFS server allowing other computers on the network to access the internal hard disk
--The MediOS extension originally developed for the AV and Gmini series is available enabling the user to run NES, Sega Mega Drive emulators and Doom interpreter.