Monday, May 20, 2013

ppc64 lpar vios stuff

 Vios stuff

shows state of lpars

lssyscfg -r lpar -F lpar_id,name,state

activate lpars
chsysstate -o on -b norm -r lpar -n name

find out the name of the managed system
 lssyscfg -r sys -F name

Change the name of a managed system
chsyscfg -r sys -m Server-8406-xx-SNxxxxx -i "new_name=xxxx-xxxxx-xx-01"

 ppc64 lpar vios nic settings

remove bad settings

    $ oem_setup_env
    # ifconfig enX down detach
    # rmdev -dl enX
    # rmdev -dl entX
    # rm dev -dl etX
    # cfgmgr

    find out your cards

     $ lsdev | head -n 28

    show your mapping to sea nics

    $ lsmap -net -all

    mkvdev -sea ent0 -vadapter ent4 -default ent4 -defaultid 1

    mkvdev -sea ent1 -vadapter ent5 -default ent5 -defaultid 123

    chdev -dev ent0 -attr state=up -restoreroute

    Use smit to start dhcp on the nic

    get macs

    entstat en3

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